Mollificio Centro Italia S.r.l. is a Company operating in the field of wire production and strip springs, with experience in this sector since the late 70s. Today the Company consists of two production units occupying a total of 9000 square meters of which 4000 is covered space.

The first unit specializes in production to satisfy all customer requirements; the second unit specializes in medium/large production with automated, computer and electronic controlled systems.

M.C.I. has a large number of machines specific for the processing of springs including torsion, winding, bar shaping, bending machines, presses, multi-slide machines, furnaces for hardening/tempering/dehydrogenation.


The Company has also implemented its own structure by integrating automated powder and liquid painting systems, shot peening machines, welding machines, CNC plasma metal sheet cutting machines, die-bending machines, CNC pipe-curving machines.

Thanks to a diversification and differentiation of our products, to a continuous rationalization of production processes, and the use of a highly qualified staff of workers, MCI can offer a wide range of products that satisfy several market sectors.

Effectiveness and efficiency of processes, rapid response to customer needs, flexibility, ability to provide specialized technical advise, are features that make Mollificio Centro Italia S.r.l. a leading company in the sector.