M.C.I. S.r.l., operating in accordance with applicable environmental  laws, in the management of its processes production for 


has developed  processes and services that reduce the environment impacts of its activities over the years.

Priority in MCI management is the introduction of technological systems and practices that, fully comply with all legal obligations preventing pollution, tend to steadily improve environmental efficiency.

The introduction of a Management System that promotes respect for the environment in all its aspects is at the same time a determining factor in the growth of the Organization. In this respect, the Company is implementing systems and processes that are increasingly sensitive to environmental compliance. For this reason, MCI  has developed an Environmental Policy that is inspired by sustainable development and good management and it has taken on the priority of introducing an Environmental Management System that favors respect for the environment and determines the growth of all organization.

To achieve the goals M.C.I. undertakes to:

• guarantee the protection of the environment;

• identify activities and services deemed relevant for the purpose of environmental significance with the aim of keeping them under control;• seek and qualify product / service providers that are attentive to environmental issues and binding standards by setting up a relationship of mutual trust and trust with these suppliers;• Maintain a process of continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System;• Improve steps process control  that influence the significance of environmental aspects, with particular attention to waste management, atmospheric emissions, environmental noise sources, substances dangerous for the environment, energy consumption and non-renewable resources;• reduce environmental costs;• define and implement strategies for continuous improvement of environmental performance;• improve the image of the Organization;• Promote training and training activities related to the applicable requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001 and ensure the full implementation of what is described in the Environmental Management Manual;• Involve the Organization staff at all levels for discussion, proposals and audits to improve the organization’s environmental performance;• Ensure good knowledge about internal audits by the staff of the Organization 

The General Management undertakes to review annually goals and goals  that have been set, to apply and maintain the Environmental Management System throughout the organization and to disseminate the results achieved to the stakeholders (neighbors, the public concerned, suppliers, customers, and public authorities), also using the web as a vehicle for spreading its environmental policy.